Wholesale and Private Label availabilty!


We are small business. We make handmade bath and body products that are as chemical free as possible!  Most all of our products are natural , except for the few that have to have a preservative because of the water contents. Our soaps are Handmade in small batches , hand stamped and labeled by myself or my daughter or (other family members ).  We started making products because of the allergies that my daughter and granddaughter have. And it has become my passion. I love making handcrafted artisan soaps! The smells , the natural colors and they way they make my skin feel. Our first product was a natural "diaper cream" for my granddaughter who would cry every time We used commercial products. We found out that almost every diaper cream has alcohol as one of they main ingredients!  Ouch . Thus began our business as BL bath products! Our products are now available in stores ! We hope that you try our products and love them!  And share them with friends and family as gifts! We also sell WHOLESALE ​if you are a business or would like to start a business with our products . Feel free to contact us for more information.
Thanks , Lisa